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True architectural Soapstone has a “traditional” look.


Our customers consistently tell us we have the largest soapstone inventory in Minnesota with multiple types to choose from.  We are distributors of soapstone where you can choose your slabs for the look you like.

Soapstone has a unique matte finish and warmth to the stone that is truly unique.  Soapstone is naturally non-porous and heat resistant.  Unlike granite, marble or other natural stones, soapstone don’t need to have chemicals applied to keep it from staining.  For a truly unique and inviting countertop, come check us out, we are worth the drive to Shakopee.

Dorado Beleza Fireplace SurroundGreen Mountain Soapstone Sink and Countertop

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1301 West Third Avenue

Shakopee, MN 55379





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In the olden days, soapstone was used for bed and foot warmers in sleighs and automobiles.